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Soil Testing/Septic Permits

When building outside the city where there is no public sewer system, a septic permit must be obtained.  Normally, this must be done before a building permit can be issued. In order to receive a septic permit, a soil test must be performed and a system design approved. Once the system design is approved, a septic permit will be issued.

At Hebert Associates, Inc., we provide complete soil testing and design services for on-site waste water treatment (septic) systems.  We currently have four Certified Soil Testers and one Designer of Engineering Systems (septic systems) to take your project through the entire approval process - from the initial soil test to designing your septic system and obtaining government approval for a septic permit.

Soil Testing

Soil Test ReportThe first step is to perform a soil test of the property.  To do this, we must dig a minimum of three soil borings. Sometimes the borings can by hand dug, but normally it will require a backhoe.

Once we have enough borings to determine a suitable area for the septic system, we draft and submit a certified soil report. This report is sent to our client as well as to the County.  The County keeps the reports on file, but does nothing else until they receive the system design. 

Click on the image to the right to see an example of a certified soil report.

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System Designing

After the soil test is complete, the next step is to design the system.   Depending upon the results of the soil test,  the tested area may be good for a conventional system, an in ground pressure system, an at-grade system, a mound system or a holding tank.  In any case, a system design will be required before a septic permit will be issued.

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